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Sea temperatures, water sports and vacation activities near 411 quatro-once, Panama

Water temperatures throughout the year and general information about 411 quatro-once...

411 quatro-once is a surf spot in Panama. The water temperature around 411 quatro-once is almost steady year round. The temperature ranges from 26.5°C (79.7°F) in October up to 28.4°C (83.2°F) in the month of July, as illustrated below. The average water temperature throughout the year is 28°C (82°F) and the best time for water activities is summer, since 411 quatro-once is located in the northern hemisphere.

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What is the current water temperature at 411 quatro-once?

The current water temperature in the month of April at 411 quatro-once is about:
28°C (83°F)

Are there any other surf spots located close to 411 quatro-once?

Yes, there are a few surf spots close to 411 quatro-once. The closest one is Cambutal, which is just 2.3km (1.4miles) away from 411 quatro-once. Click here to check out more information on Cambutal and its current water temperature. Another surfspot near 411 quatro-once is Playa guanico, which is 7.2km (4.5miles) away.

Are there beaches close by?

Not too many beaches are located close to 411 quatro-once. A beach, which is not too far away, is Taboga, which is 125.6km (78miles) away from 411 quatro-once. If you don't mind the drive, you can also check out Isla Grande, which is 177.8km (110.4miles) away from 411 quatro-once.

What kind of wetsuit do I need for 411 quatro-once?

The average sea temperature at 411 quatro-once is extremely warm, around 28°C (82°F), with no significant variations during the year. The temperatures in June, July, and August are very similar to sea temperatures in December and January. Because of this, a wetsuit is usually not needed for swimming, surfing, snorkelling, or diving at 411 quatro-once. Nevertheless, you might want to bring a 1-2mm wetsuit top or a rashguard for very chilly conditions and for UV protection, especially when spending multiple hours in the sun each day. The sun radiation at 411 quatro-once can be particularly strong.

How is the diving and fishing close to 411 quatro-once?

Scuba diving and fishing conditions change very little year round. The waters at 411 quatro-once are mostly tropical, reaching temperatures between 23 and 28°C (74-83°F). The following fish like to swim in waters of this temperature range: Bonefish, Permit, Red Drum, and Tarpon.

Directions to 411 quatro-once: How do I get there?

Please follow the directions in the map below.

Some fun facts about 411 quatro-once...

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